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Tooth Polish

I love this stuff so much! I use 2-3 times a week. My mouth feels so clean afterwards. I feel like this small tin will last a very long time- and I will definitely repurchase next year or whenever I run out. Totally recommend. Lacey

I love love love this stuff! My teeth really love it. Bye bye coffee stains. Terry


Can’t express what a game changer Vitex has been for me. After one month of daily dosages my cycles have been PMS and pain free! Leilani’s knowledge and care no doubt infuses her herbal offerings with something special. I can’t stop telling other women about this wonderful berry! Caitlin

This is my second bottle of Vitex and I didn’t expect it to start working so quickly! I mainly decided to try it to help regulate my periods and suddenly horrible nauseating cramps. I was surprised when my period came around and I didn’t even get a hint of cramping before or during it! What I relief. I also think it is helping with my PMS too which is an added bonus and I’m sure everyone around me is appreciative. Thanks Leilani! Ellen

Cream Dream

I'm thrilled to death with this oil, which I'm using for both oil cleansing and as an overnight moisturizer. Smells and feels divine.  Silver

This delicious and amazing face oil is all it claims to be. Every evening I use it on my face chest and shoulders. I spend most my days in the Florida sun on the beach and in the ocean. My usually dry skin loves the nourishment of this oil. It smells absolutely divine and I look forward to using it every evening. Will definitely order again. Mandy

This stuff smells amazing! I love the bedtime ritual I’ve crafted with WildBruja’s facial oil and toner. My skin is brighter and happier and I haven’t had a breakout since I’ve started using them! Seriously amazing. Do your self a favor and try it! Also love the new look of the rainbow label. Treestars

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