Cream Dream Facial Oil


Cream Dream Facial Oil


Cream Dream is a high quality organic herbal facial oil for every day moisture and oil cleansing.

This supreme facial oil has infused in high quality tea and homegrown calendula for MONTHS to create the creamiest and dreamiest flower-powered formula. It smells like heaven, contains NO overpowering essential oils, AND contains the skin-healing and softening power of calendula.

Ingredients: Organic Apricot Oil, Milky Oolong tea, Calendula, witchy powers.

To use: Massage into skin before bathing and after the pores have opened gently exfoliate skin with a warm, wet cotton towel. Apply more oil if needed. Watch your skin improve and glow.

Gentle enough for all skin types. Suitable for daily moisture/daily use.

I used the oil cleansing method on my skin. My skin never touches soap. Team herbal oils!


“This delicious and amazing face oil is all it claims to be. Every evening I use it on my face chest and shoulders. I spend most my days in the Florida sun on the beach and in the ocean. My usually dry skin loves the nourishment of this oil. It smells absolutely divine and I look forward to using it every evening. Will definitely order again.”

“This stuff smells amazing! I love the bedtime ritual I’ve crafted with WildBruja’s facial oil and toner. My skin is brighter and happier and I haven’t had a breakout since I’ve started using them! Seriously amazing. Do your self a favor and try it! Also love the new look of the rainbow label. 😍”

I need Cream Dream