Havana Facial Toner


Havana Facial Toner


After combining Yarrow, Milky Oolong Tea, Calendula, Oatstraw, Rose Petals, and Witch Hazel together to make this toner, I realized that the scent reminded me of Cuban rum. I am half Cuban, and so I thought it would be so fun to name this toner "Havana"!

This toner is a serious treat for the skin. Whenever I have visible dry flakes or spots, Havana always rehydrates my skin so well.

This toner smells deliciously of Cuban rum, a rum cocktail, the islands, good vibes. Anyone who gets close to your face will notice how delicious you smell. It leaves your skin looking super glowy.

To use: Apply with a cotton ball or cloth.

Toner comes in a 1 oz glass dropper bottle.


β€œThis toner feels so good after I wash my face first thing in the morning and before bed at night. It smells heavenly...or Havanaly! 😁 Love it so much!”

I need Havana